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Anti-Slip Walkway

A combined Anti-Slip Walkway and cable management system - create a safe walking route whilst simultaneously protecting track cables.

The TTS Anti-Slip Walkway system is the ultimate product choice where a combined cable trough and cess walkway is required. Instead of running cables and paths alongside each other, it combines the two to create a safe walking route, whilst also protecting the cables and maximising valuable, yet limited trackside space.

The Walkway’s strong and durable composition means that if a maintenance worker needs to inspect the cabling, they only need to lift one lid of a unit, and can do so by standing in a position of safety on an adjacent unit. At the same time, the walkway system offers the same level of security. It’s extremely secure and difficult to break into, offering maximum protection from vandalism or cable theft. All our walkways feature secure locking lids and upon request, can be adapted to internally secure cables to the troughs as well.


Our Anti-Slip Walkway and cable troughing system can be tailored to accommodate all trackside conditions and cable lengths, whether it’s designing the walkway to navigate around OLE masts or providing a steady anti-slip surface for all weather conditions, we keep our trackside colleagues as safe as we keep the railway’s critical assets. The level of tailoring that we provide to the rail environment can be just as easily translated to other sectors, please ask for more details.

As with all Green Trough products within our range, the walkway system is halogen free, UV resistant, and non-conductive, it can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 80°C and is quick and easy to install.  

Trough-Tec’s combined Anti-Slip Walkway and cable management system is the only product of its kind on the market, as well as the only cable management system made from 100% recycled household plastic, providing obvious lightweight benefits for both installation and delivery. 

Offering 79% more capacity per linear metre than the C/1/29, the Trough-Tec walkway system plays an important role in addressing the increasing demands made on the nation’s infrastructure. It also provides a unique solution that responds to the elimination of red-zone working on the railway, and the heightened focus on safe working practices across all industries.

All our walkway systems can be ordered with pre-packaged interfacing kits, upon request. Our team will work closely with your design team to process and pack all the necessary components needed to assemble the cable management system when linking the main cable route into adjacent services such as feeder stations, power cabinets, etc. This eliminates mispicking at the project compound and also increases efficiencies in terms of time savings for installation engineers on-site. 

Key benefits include:

  • Anti-slip surface
  • Two-person lift
  • Processed in the UK
  • Made from recycled polymer
  • Accepted for use by Network Rail
  • Highly robust and secure
  • Adaptable to client’s needs

If you would like to find out more information on our ready-made walkway kits, take a look at our bespoke interfacing kits page.




More capacity than 2 x C/1/9 concrete chambers


Electrostatic build-up on the unique Bimagrip® walkway surface


Recycled polymer

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