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Modular Construction

One key advantage of working with Trough-Tec Systems is that we process materials here at our Doncaster factory before they leave the site, meaning we can adapt products to suit your specific needs. Manufacturing in-house also allows us to streamline our supply chains, saving you time and money. Below are just a few examples of how we can tailor products to your individual requirements. 

Green Trough

We understand that the geometry and landscape in and around the cable route can vary greatly. Whatever your cable management challenges, we can work with you to overcome them. Our Green Trough is adaptable to an endless range of site conditions – it can quite literally carry cable anywhere. 

Whether the track profile is flat, hilly, horizontal, vertical or angled, we can supply Green Trough configurations that bend and mould around tricky corners, gradients and obstructions. We can also provide 3D drawings for all designs, so you can visualise the troughing arrangement and how it will interface with adjacent services and disciplines. 

Bespoke accessory units

Where complicated configurations are needed, TTS can supply Green Trough units in ready-to-assemble kits to suit the requirements of the location in which it will sit – ready to be installed as per your unique design configuration. Having all the components ready in one kit prevents mispacking in the yard, and ensures quick assembly, without compromising on safety.