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Sustainable in every sense

Protecting the planet is so important to us. We approach sustainability holistically, taking care of our team and providing them with sustainable futures based on our long-term business approach, which is underpinned by providing the most sustainable products and services, whilst constantly striving to improve.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected through our ISO 14001 accreditation and further cemented in our Environmental, Social and Governance policy (ESG), which outlines our pledge to reduce the environmental impacts across the full life cycle of our buildings and daily operations.

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We purchase consumables in bulk to reduce waste and avoid single use plastics, while ensuring that none of our production materials are used wastefully.



Our forklifts and powered pallet trucks are all rechargeable. We have EV charging points in the staff carpark, and we provide a take-back service for plastic pallets for use amongst our own suppliers.



Our waste hierarchy is very closely managed. Wherever possible, all our industrial and office waste is recycled, and any office waste that cannot be recycled is compressed into fuel to avoid adding to landfill. 

A green portfolio

All Green Trough products are manufactured from 100% recycled polymer – household waste, and everything used within the final product is designed to have the lowest environmental impact possible. We work hard to reduce as much production waste as possible, but any waste that cannot be recycled is reused, repurposed or recycled.

A green outlook

As we move to Net Zero, the rail industry must embrace the use of greener, environmentally friendly products that make an impact and offer long lifecycles.

From the very beginning, our products have been designed to provide a greener outcome: our cable management systems guarantee a more efficient install. Every single item is designed to be safe for a single-person lift, reducing the risk of exoskeletal injury for installation staff, and removing the need for expensive fuel-consuming materials handling equipment on site.

Our products are multi-beneficial – they simultaneously protect people and assets while reducing clients’ scope three emissions and improving a project’s whole life carbon credentials. At the same time, our staff are encouraged to act in an environmentally responsible manner, and we provide ongoing training to the team to ensure they understand their role in helping us reduce our carbon footprint, both operationally and as individuals.

A green supply chain

All our UK suppliers are located within a 50-mile radius, and we work with them to understand their processes and ways in which we can reduce our environmental footprint together.

We also consider sustainability in the supply chain sense as well as the ecological sense – it’s important we recognise our responsibilities as a client as well as a supplier. We commit to give our suppliers as much of a pipeline as we can to enable them to run more sustainable businesses themselves.