Posted on 10 January 2024

Last year was a milestone year for Trough-Tec Systems. Alongside the continuous development of its Green Trough, Elevated Systems and Anti-Slip Walkway products, it was a significant year in getting their name out there across the rail, utilities and renewable industries, amongst others.

A key focus was placed by the team to work closely with a range of industry titles to provide an insight into who TTS are and the work that the team are investing into helping the rail sector to operate, more sustainably and efficiently.

A particular highlight was their inclusion in Rail Professional’s 10th edition of their ‘Industry Reference Book & Supply Chain Directory’. Arguably the industry Bible, TTS’ addition explores how its solutions are enabling Network Rail and its principle contractors to implement safer, greener, and more efficient walking routes.

Safety is of paramount interest to the rail industry and protected walking routes were arguably, lacking. There was a real need for this to be updated and quite simply, made secure to ensure the safe running of rail operations and its staff, as defined by the introduction of the safe walking route instruction in 2005. This instruction specified that the railway must have an authorised walkway along the track for the workforce and passengers, in the need of an evacuation from the train.

TTS’ sustainable and easy-to-install anti-slip walkway system was developed to respond to this critical need and its standard Green Trough CMS range continues to provide a range of benefits today.

Green Trough boasts many features including:

  • Manufactured from one hundred per cent recycled polymer and EPD Certified.
  • Anti-slip coated, as standard on the Walkway system and on request for all other items.
  • Zero-static, non-conductive, halogen free, and UV resistant, and able to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 80°C and tolerant to thermal expansion.
  • One tonne weight bearing, with a ten-tonne option; capable of withstanding human foot traffic and road-rail vehicle loads.
  • Protects against theft and vandalism as standard.
  • Removable and re-lockable lids, enabling easy maintenance and access to increase cable capacity later.
  • Up to 82 per cent lighter than traditional options (all individual units, base and lid are compliant with a single person lifting) which also drastically reduces the number of vehicles needed to deliver to site.
  • Provides up to 70 per cent more internal capacity than other options.
  • Three times faster to install than other options requiring less labour and no plant.

The system has been widely adopted by the industry and continues to provide a wide range of green and efficient benefits. TTS detail how they integrated their innovative solution on pages 226 – 227 of the directory, delving into the advantages the enhanced walkway system provides, enabling it to run more safely and sustainably.

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